Trusted, for 100 Years

Tried and trusted for over 100 years, Lotil cream has outstanding preventive and curative properties.

Lotil has a rich, deeply hydrating formula that penetrates quickly and leaves the skin soft and moisturised...

High Protection
Low Cost Range

Delph Sun Care offers a range of high quality products from SPF 8 to SPF 50 with superior UVA and UVB protection.

UVA star rating: all the products in the range have a rating of 4* offering a “superior” protection...

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Frador provides an immediate effective relief. It soothes pain and helps the healing process.

Fenton Pharmaceutical's personal care products are time-proven, successful lines with a pedigree of helping to solve problems. We don't believe in mass-market generics, and we don't copy other brands to gain market share.

Our Delph sun cream range gets superb reviews, it remains the sun cream of choice for the British Armed Forces and is one of the best value sun creams on the market.

Our other products, such as Lotil cream and our unique Frador mouth ulcer medicine are relied upon and recommended by families and pharmacists alike. We receive dozens of letters from customers praising our products. As a small company, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and drives us forward.

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