1 Step Emergency Cricothrotomy

When every second counts

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Project Description

1 Step Emergency Cricothrotomy

Fast Application: Due to the advanced design, the AIRFREE® cricothyrotomy device is much faster than other conventional Cricothyrotomy sets.

Simple Construction: The AIRFREE® consists of a straight cannula with a respiration connector and an insertable trocar with an integrated blade. Lateral plastic wings limit the depth of penetration and serve to fix after successful Coniotomy.

A circumferential bead for fixation at the end of the cannula also secures the needle in front of an unwanted slipping.

Directly Connectable: The ventilation approach AIRFREE® has an outer diameter of 15 mm. Thus, it can be connected directly to the Coniotomy resuscitator or ventilator, without using adapters.

AIRFREE® can be used with or without additional ventilation equipment

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