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Stopping severe bleeding

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Project Description

We are the exclusive distributor of QuikClot in the UK for the military and tactical markets.

All QuikClot gauze products now have a 5 year shelf life.

QuikClot® brand haemostatic agent is a breakthrough product that saves lives by rapidly stopping severe bleeding. It is composed of an inert mineral substance that can be formulated and delivered to meet a variety of medical needs and applications. QuikClot® is changing the way we look at traumatic bleeding, by giving the first responder and others, an additional tool they can use to save a life.

QuikClot Gauze – The most recent Z-Medica haemostatic agent

(CE mark is now available)
QuikClot® Gauze™ provides the ultimate in stopping power for bleeding wounds; It is the first gauze able to stop arterial and venous bleeding in seconds. It does not require mixing, measuring or heat – just open and apply, Easy to pack, it stays cool under pressure and remains ultra flexible while conforming to any shape or size wound, and removes easily without effect. To be used in conjunction with direct pressure for 3-5 minutes.


Quikclot Gauze Z-fold

Tailored for the needs of combat and tactical medical personnel, the New Z-Fold Vacuum Packed QuikClot® Combat Gauze™ provides the ultimate in stopping power for traumatic wounds. It is an advanced haemostatic agent combined with the simplicity of gauze. It is easy to use, easy to remove, generates no heat and greatly improves haemorrhage control in the most demanding tactical conditions. The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care recommends Combat Gauze™ as the first-line haemostatic agent.

QuikClot Pad

QuikClot® Pad™ consists of a soft, white, double sterile, three-ply pad impregnated with kaolin.

  • Effective, Simple, and Safe.Easy to use and remove
  • Non-invasive
  • Double-wrapped
  • X-ray detectable

QuikClot Haemorrhage Control Trainer (HCT)

Designed specifically for haemorrhage control training, suitable for QuikClot Gauze, correct Tourniquet application and pressure dressing training.

The training kit Includes: Training leg, QuikClot Gauze, CD and hard case.

Quikclot Wound Packing Trainer

The QuikClot Wound Packing Trainer has been designed to offer very realistic wound packing training on a realistic human leg with a deep wound channel.

Using a Blue Tooth App connected to the phone provided as part of the training kit to measure pressure and provide training feedback to students whose progress can be recorded.

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