Rip Shears

Rip Shears are the fastest trauma shears in the world.
When lives are measured in minutes, make every second count Rip Shears will drastically reduce the critical time required to access and treat wound sites under multiple layers of clothing, equipment, and body armor.

Facilitates removal of restrictive clothing quickly and easily without harming the patient.

  • Removes clothing from any position
  • Can be used left or right handed
  • Contains user replaceable blades

The Ripper (RS-1)

The Ripper (RS-1) unit will bolt onto most sets of standard 7 1/4″ trauma shears. Its blades, made from 440A surgical-grade stainless steel for durability and corrosion-resistance, receive a proprietary treatment to improve cutting ability and edge retention, making them last 5 X longer than standard carbon steel blades. Attach to existing shears with a Philips screwdriver.

Rip Shears (RS-2) include the Ripper preassembled onto standard 7 1/4″ trauma shears.

Note: Rippers on RS-2 are identical to RS-1 or RS-3* Shears may vary.

The Firefly (RS-3) was developed after numerous requests from paramedics for a glow-in-the-dark version. Made in the USA with the same exacting specifications and rugged materials found in our Ripper, the Firefly will keep medics from losing their Rip Shears while working in low-light conditions. Attach to existing shears with a Phillips screwdriver.

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