Project Description

CT6 Splint

The CT6 traction splint features a wide Ischial Strap to increase patient comfort, a Swivel unit for increased strength and minimal unit extrusion and a new tube construction for added durability.

CT6 has multiple benefits including: an integral strap system, an ankle hitch designed for all sizes, no perineal nerve impingement, and an extender leg strap for large patients.

It has been field tested (30 000 units in use) and guarantees minimal patient movement in emergency situations.


Reel Splint

The flexible REEL Splint System is a multi-angle immobilizer and traction splint which utilizes a unique hinge system to apply to any limb aspect, no matter how restrictive the approach. As a powerful traction splint, it allows for a fully adjustable custom fit which provides excellent mid-line support.


  • ANATOMICAL PIVOTING ISCHIAL PAD: This assures proper alignment at and with the patient’s “ischial pathway angle.” Pivoting left or right, the ischial pad can be situated with proper and complete consideration of delicate proximal injury sites.
  • POSITIVE MIDLINE “POF” (position of function): POF allows the knee to be slightly flexed and supported at an angle that emulates the patient’s natural anatomical “position of function”. This is highly beneficial in achieving proper natural limb alignment during traction while positively effecting neuro vascular integrity.

Related Products


The cervical immobilisation device that offers superior stabilisation and support and has been specifically designed for Prehospital Care. It is the only cervical immobilisation device that can adjust the patient’s position and comfort. A Clinical Study shows that this device reduces head movement 50% more than a standard collar.

The XCollar establishes a new standard of care:

  • Greater degree of immobilization
  • Immobilizes in a position of comfort
  • Fits a broader range of patient sizes and types
  • Custom fit during application


NeXsplint is the compact version of the XCollar. It folds to 60% of the length of the XCollar, making it ideal for tactical response. A Clinical Study shows that this device reduces head movement 50% more than a standard collar.