The Saviour Tactical Stretcher is a rapid response stretcher to evacuate casualties safely from hazardous areas. Provision is made for up to six persons carrying and a Head Haul Eyelet which may be used to connect a suitable rope to assist in raising or lowering on steep ground or dragging along low evacuation routes.

Abdominal Aortic
Junctional Tourniquet

The inguinal region constitutes one of the most difficult areas in which to control junctional bleeding in trauma. Junctional bleeding occurs in areas of the body that are not easily amenable to tourniquet application...

QuikClot Z-Fold

Tailored for the needs of combat and tactical medical personnel, the New Z-Fold Vacuum Packed QuikClot® Combat Gauze™ provides the ultimate in stopping power for traumatic wounds.

Fenton Pharmaceuticals has for many years supplied our Delph brand of Sun Screen to the MoD for use by the UK's Armed Forces.

Our knowledge of this industry sector has provided grounding to attract many niche pre-hospital and emergency care products.
This equipment is sourced from overseas and in most instances Fenton Pharmaceuticals is the sole UK distributor.

In addition to our military contracts we are also very proud to supply Police Tactical Firearms Units as well as Ambulance Services,
Hospitals, BASICS Doctors organsitions, rescue teams and the RNLI.

The team of knowledgeable personnel at Fenton Pharmaceuticals never forget that the equipment and tools we supply are going to
be used to save lives in often difficult and pressured environments.

Carrying the right medical equipment is important. Even when it is not being used, just knowing that you have it provides a clear psychological advantage. And when it is used, it saves lives.

We welcome enquires from all industry sectors, from the UK and abroad, including end-users. We will be happy to assist you or direct you to the most appropriate distributor or agent in your region.

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