°MEQU °M Station

Easy-to-use, No Maintenance Required In-hospital Blood & Fluid Warmer,

°MEQU has developed a revolutionary new solution for in-hospital transfusions. The °M Warmer System sets new standards in ease of use, intuitiveness, and efficiency.

°M Station is optimized for use in various units of hospitals, such as emergency rooms, operating theatres, intensive care units, and other wards as well as ground transportation ensuring a continuous flow of warm fluids as long as it is needed.

  • AC power supply (100-230VAC ) for the single-use °M Warmer
  • Continuous flow of warm fluids – up to 9 litres per hour
  • Easy to use – no buttons
  • No maintenance – no service
  • Rail or pole mounted
  • For use in-hospital and in road ambulances

Key Parameters

UNMATCHED EASE OF USE – Setting up the °M Warmer System is extremely intuitive and takes less than 30 seconds – in fact, nothing can be assembled in the wrong way preventing any connection errors in a stressful situation.

FAST AND EXTREMELY EFFICIENT – Using a patented warming technology, the °M Warmer is able to warm infusion fluids, including blood, from cold to body temperature in less than 10 seconds. And the extremely efficient technology enables the system to deliver a high constant normothermic flow rate of up to 150ml/min.

WARMING CLOSE TO THE INFUSION SITE – The °M Warmer is equipped with a unique adhesive fixation solution for securing the warmer close to the infusion site. The proximity of the actual warming to the infusion site virtually eliminates heat loss. Also, the fixation drastically reduces the risk of compromising the IV access.

SMALL, COMPACT, AND MOBILE – The °M Warmer is the smallest and most compact warming system on the market. It takes up very little space in the crowded treatment area and it is easy to move with the patient when needed.

VIRTUALLY NO PRIMING VOLUME – The compact design of the °M Warmer means, that the priming volume is only 3.5ml so no valuable blood is wasted.

EASY CLEANING AND NO MAINTENANCE  – The ingenious design of the °M Warmer System means that the system requires no maintenance, and the design with smooth surfaces ensures easy and thorough cleaning.

°M Warmer System for the entire “Patient Journey”

With °M Station, our small and powerful °M Warmer can be used throughout the complete patient journey from the accident site, during transport to a hospital, and also inside the hospital. This means that blood transfusion can seamlessly continue from the point of injury until the patient no longer needs IV fluids by using one single °M Warmer.

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