˚M Warmer System choosen by The Ministry of Defence (MOD)

We are excited to announce that The MEQU M warmer system in cooperation Fenton Pharmaceuticals has won a public tender to provide portable blood and IV fluid warming devices(˚M Warmer System) to The Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Following an extensive evaluation process, the ˚M Warmer System outperformed all other alternatives across all the strict criteria set for the blood and IV warming needs when treating life-threatening bleeding injuries of the British troops!

˚M Warmer System is currently used both in pre-hospital and in-hospital environments, and ˚MEQU is continuously developing its technology to bring warm blood and IV fluids to more patients.

Graham Hill (MD Fenton Pharmaceuticals) commented:

”We are very happy that the UK MOD has chosen the °M Warmer System as the blood and fluid warmer for British troops. We have for quite some time supplied the system to an increasing number of civilian HEMS units, but this confirms that the system is ideal for both civilian and military use.”

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