°M Warmer & Power Pack +

The ˚M Warmer System is the chosen portable blood and IV fluid warming device for The Ministry of Defence (MOD)

°MEQU has developed an IV-blood warmer for emergency transfusions. It’s a portable fluid warmer which warms up blood from cold to body temperature within seconds.

The °M Warmer System includes a Power Pack and a single use °M Warmer. The two parts are easily connected resulting in less than 30 seconds setup time. Blood and other infusion fluids can be heated from 5°C to 37°C at flowrates up to 150 ml/min. The Power Pack has enough capacity to heat 1.5 litres of cold fluid (4°C) or 3.0 litres of fluid at room temperature (21°C) to body temperature.

The Power Pack and single use °M Warmer have a compact design and together weigh 760 grams making the M Warmer System ideal for pre-hospital use. The single-use warmer’s small size (10cm x 5cm x 2cm) allows it to be attached to the patient close to the infusion site, using its integrated adhesive pad. This drastically reduces the risk of pulling out the catheter as well as reducing heat loss in the tubing.

COVID-19 makes it very challenging for us to meet our customers face to face. However, it is still possible to demonstrate The °M Warmer System in real time.
We are fortunate to have a product that is easy to demonstrate – even virtually – and it is very likely that virtual demos will become the norm in the post-COVID world.  If a virtual demo is of interest get in touch!

°MEQU Power Pack+ Now Available

Power Pack+ has more than 1/3 increased blood and IV fluid warming capacity than the current Power Pack. This means that 2 litres of cold blood or fluid can be warmed up and infused to a patient on a single charge of the battery.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding Power Pack+ or would like a demonstration.

Why Choose The °M Warmer System?

  • Fast and Simple setup –  Takes less than 30 seconds to set up and no assembly of different parts is needed. Simple 3-step procedure: 1. Attach the IV line to the single use °M Warmer. 2. Attach the °M Warmer to the IV/OI access 3. Connect the Power Pack
  • Approved for use in helicopters and airplanes – Currently used by many Air Ambulances.
  • Highly efficient warming capabilities – warms fluids (including blood) from 5°C to 37°C at flow rates up to 150ml/min. And on a single charge of the Power Pack, either 4 bags of 5°C cold blood (approximately 1.5 litres) or 3 litres of ambient temperature fluid can be warmed.
  • Light and small – the Power Pack and single use °M Warmer only weighs 760 grams. The size of the Power Pack is 18cm x 9cm x 3.5cm and the size of the single use warmer is 10cm x 5cm x 2cm
  • Adhesive for secure attachment close to the infusion site – the °M Warmer is equipped with an adhesive on the back, which can be used to secure the °M Warmer to the patient close to the infusion site. This drastically reduces the risk of pulling out the catheter.

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