Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilised (AAJT-S)

The AAJT-S is the abdominal and aortic junctional tourniquet–stabilized. It is the world’s only multi-functional lifesaving tourniquet for application in the axilla, on the abdomen, in the inguinal region for control of junctional and pelvic bleeding and for pelvic fracture stabilization and Zone 3 REBOA.

The inguinal region constitutes one of the most difficult areas in which to control junctional bleeding in trauma. Junctional bleeding occurs in areas of the body that are not easily amenable to tourniquet application.

Proximal compression of the vessels is still the most effective way to achieve haemorrhage control. The AAJT-S does this by compressing the aorta at or near the bifurcation. Animal studies demonstrate that the device is safe for up to 60 minutes of application. Human studies show that the device is effective at stopping blood flow in the femoral arteries at inflation pressures of 300mm Hg.

The device has also been used during and after cardiac resuscitation. Perfusing the lower extremities during resuscitation is not a priority. The AAJT-S also stops a potential drop in blood pressure when a patient is carried down stairs or placed in a lift.

It is the only device (other than REBOA) that will stop blood flow into the pelvis. It has an extremely low training threshold, with zero skills-fade.

Five Steps to Success

  1. Secure device around torso. Connect ladder strap until RED MEETS RED.
  2. Position bladder over the umbilicus.
  3. Tighten belt and remove all slack.
  4. Use ratcheting buckle to complete tightening.
  5. Inflate bladder until GREEN indicator shows.

Why Choose AAJT-S?

  • Quick-connect belt for fast application
  • Ratchet strap for device stability in treatment and patient transport
  • Wedge-shaped compression bladder for wide-area compression
  • Easy-to-read inflation gauge
  • Lightweight and compact package
  • One device, multiple uses

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