Fenton Pharmaceuticals

Specialising in both professional and consumer health medical products, managing an extensive brand portfolio.



Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd specialise in pre-hospital emergency medical products, managing an extensive brand portfolio for 25 years.

The team here never forget that the equipment that we supply is going to be used to save lives in often difficult and pressured environments. Carrying the right medical equipment is important. Even when it is not being used, knowing that you have it provides a clear psychological advantage. And when it is used, it saves lives.

Our extensive range of products include the Poc-Kit stretcher, the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), Saviour Stretchers, TVAC Suction Device, Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilised (AAJT-S), the Micro BVM and the Emergency Care bandage. World leading equipment that has saved many lives.

We are very proud supporters of the MoD, Ambulance, Police and Fire and Rescue services as well as the RNLI and MCGA.


Fenton Pharmaceuticals has a reputation for customer satisfaction, and is also proud to be a supplier to the British Armed Forces.

Consumer Health Division

Fenton Pharmaceutical’s personal care products are time-proven, successful lines with a pedigree of helping to solve problems.

Trauma Care Division

Our knowledge of this industry sector has provided grounding to attract many niche pre-hospital and emergency care products.