To Our Loyal Customers

We are in the process of moving the manufacturing of Frador to a new factory and part of this process includes a new stability trial and an update of the technical file to support the move.  Once complete, the technical file is then submitted to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for review and approval.

We anticipate Frador will be back in the market Autumn 2024

We appreciate your patience while we do all that we can to resolve this matter.

We assure you that Frador will be back soon!

How does Frador work?

  • Frador seals the ulcer from saliva which protects it from further infection and therefore inflammation of the wound site
  • Frador’s antibacterial and antifungal properties assist and help speed up the body’s natural healing processes, thus helping to prevent a secondary infection

Why is Frador better than other products?

  • Frador has been used and trusted by mouth ulcer and cold sore sufferers for over 40 years and has a pharmaceutical product licence in the UK (GSL)
  • Frador is a non-steroidal remedy made from entirely natural ingredients and is safe to use without any side-effects
  • Most other mouth ulcer and cold sore remedies require application using a finger or small brush. This is an inaccurate means of application, causing possible cross infection of the ulcer and risking product contamination. Frador is applied directly to the ulcer using a disposable hygienic applicator supplied, which coats the wound site with the correct amount of medicine, therefore reducing the risk of dirty fingers or brushes causing cross infection. The applicator is then thrown away, allowing the product to be used by other sufferers without any risk of cross-contamination
  • Unlike Frador’s unique protective coating, some treatment only numb the wound site, which can lead to further damage to the delicate lining of the mouth, if the sufferer does not notice further irritation and take steps to prevent it
  • The analgesia in Frador allows ulcer sufferers to eat, drink, brush their teeth and even talk with comfort in spite of the ulcer relieving pain fast

Please note

  • For adult use only
  • Avoid use in pregnancy
  • Not to be taken internally
  • In rare occurrences users can experience a local reaction to some or all of the ingredients.If excess irritation occurs during or after application, stop use
  • If condition persists consult your pharmacist or doctor
  • There have been ro reports of ill-effects from overdose

Where can I buy Frador?

Weldricks – https://www.weldricks.co.uk/products/frador-mouth-ulcer-tincture

Chemist.net – http://www.chemist.net/Pharmacy/medicines-oral-health-mouth-ulcers/frador/frador-pd-12065.html

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